Your health is precious.

Cover it now.

You need complete protection. But it shouldn't mean that comfort and convenience are compromised. At Vihelm, we thought of a comprehensive solution.

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What our customers say

“ You can tell I'm a big fan of your creation! Having something that's reasonably priced and that is of high quality is very important to me. ”
Bells Craig
California, United States
“ I love the helmet a lot. You guys got it to me in time as things are spiking here with the new variant. We love it and are getting use to it. We plan on buying back up blowers and filters for our helmets ”
Brian Edwards
New York, United States
“Your soft mask/helmet design is excellent for frontline workers. The hard helmet looks good for industrial work. This idea already exists in the market places but is much more expensive. It is a brilliant idea that you have made it with a standard type battery! The hose looks like the hose I use for my CPAP machine. This is another good idea to have a standard easily accessed parts.”
Mark Beveniste
Washington, United States

New variants are stronger and more vicious. Injections are not as effective and side effects might be dangerous.

Vihelm provides 100% coverage and no side effects.


Multi-layered filter

Vihelm's multi-layered filter keeps out all health threats. A nonwoven filter blocks respiratory droplets while a HEPA filter captures 100% particulate matter down to 2.5 microns in width.

Superior respirator blower

The superior blower provides 6 cubic feet of purified air every minute, meeting NIOSH standards. Run like crazy and you are still able to breathe clean, purified air to your heart's content.


Exhale valves*

Two exhale valves are placed on two sides near the bottom of the helmet, helping maintain positive pressure inside the helmet. Each valve is covered by nonwoven so the air out is also filtered, keeping the people around safe.

Built-in glove

The most ingenious feature is a built-in glove that allows safe access to the face. You can wipe your face, scratch your nose or rub your eyes at ease.


Built-in side pockets

You can store personal items like tissues or glasses or even your favorite snack in 2 pockets attached to both sides of the helmet. So it won't get messy if you sneeze. And the snack bar would be a life saver if you work long shifts or have little to no breaks.

Top holes*

There are 6 holes on top of the helmet covered by latex. You can put your finger in and scratch the area around the hole. 6 holes mean you get access to almost the entire top area.


Wide-viewing visor

The helmet & hood are designed to leave your ears unblocked so your listening is unaffected either.

Unblocked ears design

There are 6 holes on top of the helmet covered by latex. You can put your finger in and scratch the area around the hole. 6 holes mean you get access to almost the entire top area.

* Features for Vihelm only


It's the perfect alternative

Use your phone while wearing Vihelm
Travel with Vihelm
Don't have to wash your hands that often
Stay close to your loved ones
Touch eyes, nose and mouth easily while wearing Vihelm

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Our products got you covered 100%

Vihelm , the Mobile Isolation Helmet, is designed for people who need complete protection for long stretches of time.

Vihood is a more comfortable version that you can wear on a daily basis.

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Vihelm comes from a team of young innovators in Vietnam, a small country that came out a champion in this challenging time. The Vihelm team believes that mankind needs a better method to contain threats that doesn’t disturb people’s lives or affect the economy.

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